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    Hotel la Vallee Ouarzazate Morocco Hotel la Vallee Ouarzazate Morocco

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Hotel la Vallee Ouarzazate MoroccoEnjoy great Moroccan flavors in our Restaurant. We provide great Morocco cuisine with the best dishes of the region and the most well known Moroccan delicacies and pastries.

Our all you can eat breakfast offers you great variety for you to start your day in Ouarzazate with comfortable stomach. The buffet is a traditionally well decorated zone inside our caidal tent near aside the swimming pool area.

Morocco is well known by its precious and tasty cuisine. We offer you great Moroccan specialties and different dishes from all around the country. From the most well known recipes you’ll have the chance of tasting amazing couscous or tajine, kalia or brochettes, pastille and mechoui (grilled sheep) .

A typical meal in our restaurant would be: harira (Moroccan soup), Moroccan salad, chicken tajine or grilled brochettes, and for desert fruit of the season, Moroccan pastry and yogurt will make you enjoy a great meal in our company and with a professional and capable staff at your service. You have to finish your meal with a traditional mint tea.

Couscous are probably the most well known of all Moroccan dishes. Made out of wheat flour, couscous gets that small rounded shape after a process of blending the flour with water. Couscous in Morocco usually take around 3 up to 4 hours to prepare and can be eaten along with meat or vegetables. The most well known couscous will be “couscous with sheep meat” or “couscous with 7 vegetables”.

Tajine is basically the name of a well spread clay kitchen utensil that gives a specific taste of oven like, pottery flavor to food. Tajines are usually used upon direct fire exposure and can be cooked with several distinct ingredients.

Kalia is a well known dish from the south of Morocco. Kalia is basically sheep meat cooked with spices and oil. Usually kalia is served inside a tajine, but is actually cooked in a whole different way than tajines.

Brochettes are typical Moroccan grilled meat sticks, cooked with fresh meat and with the specificity of using different types of meat from different part of the animal.