Hotel la Vallee Ouarzazate MoroccoHotel La Vallée is located in the southern town of Ouarzazate on the way of Zagora. Ouarzazate is extremely well located as it is in the center of the best destinations in Morocco. Either to end or start your journey, or, to pass trough other destinations, Ouarzazate is indeed a place to arrive and enjoy it’s local and nearby attractions.

Ouarzazate is separated by a river of the same name, and, from the other side the Tabounte district shows you the way out to the Sahara town of Zagora. The hotel is located just a few minutes away from Ouarzazate’s town center and it’s main destinations.

Map of Ouarzazate, Google Map Ouarzazate Morocco

Map of Ouarzazate, Location of Hotel la Vallee Ouarzazate Morocco, Google Map Ouarzazate