Morocco is an African country located in it’s most westerly northern part of the continent.
Morocco’s vast landscapes variety goes from Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, to impressive mountain ranges and Sahara Desert, the biggest desert in the world.

Morocco is an constitutional monarchy ruled by the King Mohammad 6th that has done a great job opening the country to be more pleasant, safe and easy to get to the most western countries. Travelers find now in Morocco a great travel destination and one of the safest alternative countries to visit.

Moroccan Arabic name is Al-Mamleka al-Maghribiya which translates into English as The Kingdom of the West.
In many languages, the present name of Morocco comes from the Amazigh ( Berber ) word “ Marakush ” after the name of it’s ancient capital located in Marrakesh. Marakush means the “ Land of God ”.

Morocco has been a melting pot of cultures throughout time. From it’s deep Berber roots to several invasions by Phoenicians and Romans, Morocco was early populated by a huge variety of people, from Turkish to Arabic, from English to Portuguese, from Spanish to French. The Roman Empire made from Morocco an important trading outpost for several goods as olive oil and pottery.